“Pain Before is Purpose Now”:
    She uses her story about what once tried to kill her to maximize success in daily routines in order to THRIVE on my way to the next level. There is no stopping point, we TRIPPLE THREAT out lives (pass, pivot, or shoot).



    Pain to Profit Workshop:

    • Create your custom process of telling to selling
    • Get the 5 concepts of understanding Pain to Profit
    • Develop execution milestones that get your customers to YES

    Lets Publish Workshop:

    • Discover framework for your story and how to scale it into
      a profitable business or book
    • Get the resources that will be under budget but lucrative
      for your business
    • Focus on the first steps that must be mastered for your
      book to reach being published
    • Apply the execution date method for accountability

    Motivational Speaking

    Ignite Your Purpose through Pain:

    • How to discover your passion out of a painful experience
    • How to become the result to those that need you
    • How to turn “I don’t know why” into “I know why now”

    Next Level Success with Cohesion in Mind:

    • Shape attitudes on your team to help them find meaning in their work and reach new heights
    • Why you need to build a confident and resilient culture
    • How to create the “can-do” mentality amongst your teams
    • How to instill cohesion that will get your business to a collective goal

    The Perfect Balance of Career and Passion:

    • How to DOMINATE your career while building your empire
    • Transitioning from military career into small business
    • Balancing life-work while chasing after your vision

    small efforts bring big changes